Manicure by Sally

Hello! I am back today to tell you how to achieve a gel manicure at home using Sally Hansen miracle gel in 2 very easy steps. If you’re anything like me and find painting your nails such a chore, all you need to purchase is a colour of your choice (of which there are over 70 to choose from) and a bottle of the top coat.  It is not only super easy to do but it also takes up very little time and the gel polishes are very affordable meaning you can build up a great range of colours to choose from over time.

The very first polish I bought was Love Me Lilac which is quite a nude shade and really does look good with anything.

Left Proper p-rose, right Love Me Lilac

To achieve a perfect manicure, firstly make sure your nails are clean and dry, then apply your first coat of Miracle Gel and allow it to dry for 5 minutes.  The first coat can look rather watery but once you apply the second coat it covers the nail really well. Again leave the second coat to dry for 5 minutes and then apply the Top Coat and you are done.  It really is that simple as no UV lamp is required and no special remover is required either, the polish easily removes with regular nail polish remover.

I was very impressed with my first attempt of at home gel nails so I purchased some more delightful colours and I have a small range at the moment that are spring/summer based :-  Proper p-rose, Pretty Piggy and Shock Wave.

Left Pretty Piggy, right Shock Wave

My autumn/winter warmers are Dig Fig and Wine Stock.

Left Dig Fig, right Wine Stock

I can honestly say I love them all and will be adding more to my collection this year.  Which colours should I choose next?

Left to right, Top coat, Wine Stock, Dig Fig, Proper p-rose, Pretty Piggy, Shock Wave and Love Me Lilac

Love Jane

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