And that’s a wrap…

When you move into your own place, there are so many things you forget you will ever need to find a home for. Whether it is finding a place to keep your emergency first aid kit, finding a cupboard to keep your plates in or even storing spare toilet roll because lets face it, when there is 24 loo rolls on offer, how can you turn it down? One collection that has built up since moving out from my parents is the wrapping paper collection. I must have wrapping paper for every occasion now but finding a place to store it has proven difficult.

I found the cutest, simplest and also a rather effective storage idea and decided to recreate it and I’ve got to say, I’m really pleased with the overall effect. The fact the bin’s ‘handles’ are heart-shaped make it 10x better too!

I bought a woven bin from Asda Home for £7 and just popped all my wrapping paper in it. If you are wanting to recreate this idea, ensure you use a heavy bin as the wrapping paper is tall, the bin can easily topple over if the weight distribution is off.


I love little finds that can transform a room and I feel this is one of them, I actually don’t mind having my wrapping paper on show now and feel it’s more of a feature to my room than some clutter in the corner. It currently sits in my living room but would be a lovely little feature if you have an office space.

Does anyone else have trouble finding places to store things?


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