On the Move

Just over a year ago, me and my boyfriend moved home.  We gave our notice on our one bedroomed apartment and found a very homely and spacious 2 bedroomed flat which we hoped we could remain in until we had a deposit saved to buy our very own place.  But life threw us a curve ball last month when our landlady asked to see us for a quick chat, our hearts sunk and we logged straight on to Rightmove before she came round to see what was on the market as we were pretty sure we knew what was coming next.

Unfortunately, due to her personal circumstances she explained she needed the flat back for herself and children to live in and we have had 8 weeks to finalise a new home, pack up and move out.  To say it was a shock is an understatement! Moving is always tricky, but when it is forced upon you, well let’s just say it stirs up a whole load of emotions ranging from shock, sadness, acceptance, excitement and finally looking forward to the future which is what we are doing now. Out of the bad often comes the good and we have been so lucky to find another 2 bedroomed beautiful apartment in a gorgeous area I can’t wait to live in!!!

So, right now I am surrounded by bubble wrap and boxes and our move will hopefully take place this weekend.  It’s all hands to the deck again as we empty rooms, load vans and clean out.  We are all too aware of what hard work it will be as this will be our third move since we have lived together and every time we say never again!!


Hopefully, next time I write it will be from the comfort of our new home, I can’t wait!

Love Jess

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