Cohorted Beauty Box – March 2018


I have signed up to a beauty subscription box and each month I receive the Cohorted Beauty Box which costs £35.00 a month; you receive on average 5 new beauty products. Unfortunately this month only had four products; things must have been a bit hectic at the Cohorted headquarters after they experienced an attempted break in. There was meant to be a MAC False Lashes mascara included but this was omitted due to the issues they had experienced, I think we can let that slide though.

This months box in the end concluded of the following:

Cover FX Contour Kit – N Medium – RRP: £40.00

I’ve never heard of Cover FX before so I did a bit of research and I’m really surprised I’ve not come across them as you can find their products at pretty much all beauty stores. Their products are all free from paragons, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil and talc which means it’s a vegan formula that can be used by all!

The packaging for this product is cardboard and recyclable with a magnetic closure, inside is a good-sized mirror, a ‘how-to’ card and four different cream shades. The top two shades of the palette are for highlighting and the bottom two shades are for contouring.


I believe that cream contour palettes are like Marmite – you either love them or hate them. I am a hater of marmite and always thought I was a hater of cream contour palettes simply because I have no idea what I’m doing with them. Have I put too much on? Do I look like I’ve been punched? How do I blend it? Can you even tell a difference? I’ve researched so many and they all have such mixed reviews purely because of people’s love/hate towards cream contouring in general.

Top Left – N20, Top Right – Star-Light, Bottom Left – N60, Bottom Right – N80

If you are like me and not really a make up expert then I highly recommend this product for you. It’s such a good palette to start with, the formula of the creams mean they blend so easily. Ensure that you moisturise or prime before hand as I can imagine it wouldn’t blend as well without doing so. The instructions card it comes with is super handy for people like me as you really cannot go wrong! Finish with a setting powder for your highlight and contour to last all day.

Beauty Edit Mayfair Brow Setter – RRP: £25.00

hate my brows. They have no shape what-so-ever, they are literally a flat line on my face above my eyes that leave me looking permanently unimpressed. A brow setter means I can actually ensure my hairs are set in place so my non-existent arch I try to create has a chance of staying there throughout the day.


I have used a few brow setters in the past and find that you can the product sat on your face. It’s feels like you have used glue to stick your brows to your face. This brow setter by Beauty Edit Mayfair is amazing for not doing that; once applied you won’t even be thinking about your brows for the rest of the day. The gel is clear and contains vitamins B5 & E and castor oil which strengthens and conditions your brows. I’m also really impressed with the packaging; as I colour my brows in with a dark powder, whenever I use a brow setter a lot of product transfers to the wand and it seems that companies love to have brow setters in see-through bottles so it quickly begins to look grubby and disgusting – this packaging is perfect for hiding it.

Beauty Edit Mayfair Brow Lift – Natural Lift – RRP: £24.00

I like to have a variety of products in my beauty box so it gives me a chance to discover new brands however this months box has 3 products from the same company which normally I would find a little disappointing. They are all brow related and I feel it’s given me a complete collection to help me with my furry friends.


I have never used a brow lift before so this was completely new to me. The product is so creamy and easy to apply, it is so lightweight and compact that it’s perfect to keep in your make up bag. Unfortunately, the colour of this doesn’t tone in well with my natural skin and I would only use this when wearing eyeshadow so I can blend it in and make my brows stand out. For a day-to-day basis I wouldn’t reach for this product.

Beauty Edit Mayfair Highlighter Brush – HB01 – RRP: £18.00

The brush is flat ended which helps to blend your brow lift product right up to your brow. The bristles are compact which makes the brush sturdy which stops you from making a mess when blending in your make up. The only downside is the handle of the brush is very short and you end up being quite heavy-handed which I don’t like when applying makeup.


I’m a strong believer that the price you pay for make up brushes means they can’t be limited to just one thing. This brush teams up nicely as a concealer blush to help hide your blemishes. Just apply a little concealer onto your blemish and blend away!

I would normally be disappointed to receive a box like this as doesn’t vary too much and I don’t get to discover many new brands however I’m overall pretty pleased. The products are perfect to add to my make up collection and I look forward to experimenting with them all!

Love Jess

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