Coconut Lane Stationary Haul

For a long long time I’ve been stationary obsessed. When I got an office job I was delighted with the thought of being able to purchase all this new stationary and making my desk look pretty. It doesn’t last long before you think, where are all those pens I bought? Your colleagues borrowed them and never brought them back. Those pink post it notes? You have used them all up. That pretty notepad? You filled it taking notes in meetings. Next thing you’re popping over to the stationary cupboard to refill your stock with Bic biro’s, plain yellow post it notes and a 150 page shorthand notebook, very depressing and uninspiring!!

Then my mum linked me to Coconut Lane where they have a Home, Gifts & Stationary tab. I spent about a day trying to narrow down what I actually need from what I want. They have so many gorgeous items to choose from. Then I saw the #Girlboss Office Stationary Bundle and it was basically everything I wanted and more. In total if each item was bought separately it would cost £64 but they do an amazing deal and only charge £42! It includes the following items:

1 x Rose Gold & Marble Stapler (RRP: £16)

1 x Rose Gold Staples (RRP: £1.50)

1 x Rose Gold & Marble Tape Dispenser (RRP: £16)

1 x Marble Pen Holder (RRP: £12)

1 x Rose Gold Ballpoint Pen (RRP: £6)

1 x Rose Gold Floating Glitter Pen (RRP: £8)

1 x Marble Notebook (RRP: £4.50)

I also added a rose gold marble coaster to complete my desk just because.


My only criticism is that the notebook isn’t lined which is something I ideally need so I’ve had to mark some lines on with a pencil and ruler but it would be ideal for doodling on them long phone calls.

I am so pleased with how pretty my desk looks. It’s a shame I can’t convince my work to buy some white monitors to make it look more aesthetically pleasing but we can’t have it all can we? My colleagues have some serious desk envy and I definitely have the best dressed desk thanks to Coconut Lane!

What does your desk look like?

Love Jess x

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