Pintura Kitchen & Bar – Restaurant Review

One of my favourite things to do in life is eat. Eating is such a big part of life and while I understand the importance of eating healthy and having a balanced diet, I also find it important to enjoy food. There are so many amazing places to eat in the world, more than I could ever get round in my lifetime so I will jump at the opportunity to try somewhere new.


Me and my boyfriend had some plans on Tuesday evening but had a couple of hours to kill before we needed to be there so decided to grab our dinner out. We headed to Pintura Kitchen & Bar in Leeds. Pintura directly translates from Spanish as ‘picture’ but really means ‘work of art’ and the food here is exactly that. Tucked away just outside of Trinity Shopping centre you will find this gorgeous restaurant that serves food inspired by the Basque Country in Northern Spain.

As it was a Tuesday evening, the place was quite quiet with just a small number of people sat at tables enjoying their food. We were greeted straight away when walking through the door and taken to our table. The service here was spectacular and they talked us through the menu and the specials that were on offer; they were happy to answer any questions and really made you feel like a valued customer. The staff must have amazing memories too as not once did they write down our order on a piece of paper but not one thing was wrong when our food and drinks came out – I am impressed!

Tomato Bread | Patatas Bravas | Cheese Croquettes


Like most tapas restaurants, each dish comes out as and when it is ready and your menu is left on your table allowing you to order more if you would like to. The size of the dishes are a good size and I would recommend 2-3 dishes per person. We ordered 6 dishes between two people and I was left feeling very content.

I’m an extremely fussy eater and for those who know me, know the extent as to how fussy I am. Staring at this menu I panicked thinking I wasn’t going to find anything I liked but managed to pick out 3 dishes which I know I was going to be OK with while my boyfriend picked the other 3. I can honestly say there wasn’t anything about all 6 dishes I didn’t like.

Spanish Stew | Pork Fillet | Patatas Bravas | Crispy Chicken | Cheese Croquettes


I’ve not got the biggest sweet tooth and I would always choose a starter over a desert but when you have tapas and you’ve already had the opportunity to eat lots of different things, it’s nice to have something sweet. I’ve never tried Churros so my boyfriend insisted we ordered them and we also got a chocolate mousse as back up in case I didn’t like them.

IMG_0883 (1)

It was such a lovely experience and the food is to die for. I would honestly go as far as to say it is the best tapas I’ve had and I’ve eaten plenty of tapas in Spain before. If you are ever in Leeds visiting I highly recommend.

Love Jess x

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