Collaboration: Star Name Registry


Everyone has a happy place; a place where you can go where problems feel like they just don’t exist and life just feels perfect. My happy place is simply the starry sky at night. Living in the UK this isn’t something you get to see often enough but it makes going abroad all that little bit more exciting for me. There is very little I love more in the world than sitting out after a day of sunning it up, turning all the lights off around me and staring into the universe; the longer you sit there the more your eyes adjust and the millions of stars begins to appear. I just find it amazing and extremely therapeutic. 

Now thanks to Star Name Registry we have my very own star which we named in the sky. I really love the concept of this, knowing that one of them stars is our very own. Their Standard Star Gift Set provides you with an entry into the registry and a deed & letter to confirm this. The deed comes framed and presented in a lovely black presentation box and there is also some Sky Atlas star maps so you can learn about all the different constellations.


Up on purchasing the star you get to choose a name and it’s optional if you want to assign a date to the star too. For a little extra cost you can pick which constellation you would like your star to be from which I think is a lovely little touch; you could choose your star sign, your favourite constellation or simply just let them choose a random one for you.


As a child I believed that you turned into a star after you passed away. I obviously grew to understand that wasn’t the case but a part of me will always dream that’s what happens because I think that would be a lovely place to end up, somewhere so peaceful.

We chose to name our star after someone very important in our hearts but who sadly is no longer with us. Being able to name a star after her is such a beautiful concept, now looking into the sky at night there is comfort knowing that she can look down on us and we can look out to her.

With Christmas around the corner, I think this essential gift set would be a perfect Christmas present to give to a person of any age. It’s something that can be so sentimental and stays with you forever and I don’t think you can ask for much more when gift giving.

Thank you Star Name Registry for allowing us to name our own very special star; we love it!

Love Jess & Jane

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  1. Love that you chose this for Vanessa, what an absolutely brilliant idea! X


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