How to beat those Winter Morning struggles

You can divide the population into two halves, those who are early birds and those who are night owls; I for one fall into the night owls category. Waking up in Winter becomes a real struggle for me. Unfortunately I have to work to pay my bills so I have to find a way to beat these difficult mornings.

I think the hardest thing for me is definitely trying to prise myself out of bed on a morning when it’s so dark (and cold) outside the covers. The biggest help for me has been my Lumie alarm clock. I have a basic body clock wake up alarm clock. You set the time you want to wake up at and the alarm clock gradually increases it’s brightness around half an hour before the set time. I don’t use this to rely on waking me up, I still set a sound alarm. There’s a lot more in depth explanations but to keep it simple, while it is dark your body produces melatonin which makes your body start to be less alert and tiredness kicks in, while it is light melatonin stops being produced allowing you to wake up. This clock is allowing for the melatonin to stop being produced before you are awake which in turn makes actually waking up a natural more comfortable experience.


Drink a glass of water the moment you wake up. You’ve just spent the last 7-8 hours sleeping, when you wake up you are dehydrated. Studies suggest that your brain is composed of around 75% water, water is essentially the fuel for your brain and drinking a glass of water when you wake up is fuelling your body to start functioning again. Not only that, it fires up your metabolism too so great for staying healthy.


Give yourself something to look forward to. Positive Mental Attitude is a great motivator and looking at the positives rather than the negatives will really help getting out of bed on a morning. Rather than focusing on what you aren’t looking forward to that day, think of what you are… something just as simple as what you’re going to have for your lunch can help.

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  1. Charlotte says:

    I never put two and two together about brain function and water before! I’ll definitely be glugging a glass on a morning as a natural pick me up!


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