My Kitchen Aid Experience

For SOOOOO long I have wanted a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I’m not even an avid baker, but they’re so pretty and I love pretty gadgets. Each year I watch bake off wishing I could create some show stoppers and feel inspired by their baking creations knowing full well I could never make anything like it.

My boyfriend had offered to buy me a kitchen aid for many of my birthdays and Christmas’s but I just cannot allow him to spend that much money on me. Of course the Kitchen Aid I liked was in a colour that meant it was NEVER in the sale (story of my life).

So once again, another birthday and Christmas went by and I rejected the offer from my boyfriend to buy me a kitchen aid, and by Christmas day evening I was hugely regretting this. I went on a mission to find a Pistachio Green Kitchen Aid in the boxing day sales and despite websites saying they were on sale, they were STILL £450!!!

So I bit the bullet, I headed over to eBay and found myself an absolute bargain. A brand new unboxed pistachio green Kitchen Aid but of course there was a catch, it’s coming from the US. So I did my research on the seller on eBay, with 100% feedback from over 600 people I felt quite confident that they were legit. Now importing goods from the US normally comes with a heavy import tax but I checked, double checked, triple checked and checked again and the price I was seeing was the total price. The Kitchen Aid, Delivery and Import Tax all included for a grand total of £220!!! Over HALF the price – how could I not.

So I ordered it on the 23rd January and my estimated delivery date was between the 31st Jan to 9th Feb. It ended up arriving on the 11th February but I was able to track it every step of the way and was confident it was on it’s way so overall pretty happy with the delivery time considering the distanced travelled.

As this had come from America, this of course meant it had an American plug but ALSO the motor in the KitchenAid is made specifically for use in America which means that the voltage from the UK electricity is too powerful for my beautiful little kitchen appliance and plugging it in could mean my motor would simply just pack straight up. Since I had this imported from the US, there is no warranty which is always a risk so I headed on over to Amazon and purchased myself a step down voltage converter that could take up to 500w. This did cost me an extra £40 but for a total of £260 it still is WAY cheaper than buying outright in the UK.

As I’m writing this post, I’ve just used my mixer for the first time and my cakes are currently cooling on the side. I am SOOOO in love with it and highly recommend and I’m here to live the tale so my voltage converter is doing the trick. For anyone wanting a Kitchen Aid but can’t justify the price, make sure you do your research but don’t be afraid of buying from eBay.

Jess x

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Can’t wait to see the cake post!


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