Gousto – Fresh Food & Recipes Delivered To Your Door

For those of you who haven’t seen or heard of Gousto, let me tell you about it! It’s basically what the title of the post is – fresh food & recipes delivered to your door. If you are like me and find the whole experience of meal planning, food shopping and cooking quite draining then this is the perfect solution. While I enjoy cooking I find the whole meal prep and food shopping side of it the worst and this literally leaves me with the most enjoyable part.

Gousto allows you to pick between a 2 person box or a family box (2 adults and 2-3 children), you then pick how many recipes you want to have delivered (2, 3 or 4) and then get the choice of 40 recipes to pick from. You select your delivery date, you can pay for free delivery and your box will arrive between 8am-7pm or you can pay to select a more specific delivery time. I personally go for a 2 person box and order 4 recipes at £34.99 a week. I tend to be out and about on a weekend so this fits perfectly with my lifestyle and has also stopped my from going out for food mid week because I don’t fancy what I have in.

So this week I have ordered the following four recipes:

  • Pulled Hoisin Chicken & Sesame Noodles
  • Mexican Tofu, Refried Beans & Lime Rice
  • Easy Bacon & Mushroom Risotto
  • Spicy Nduja and Pepperoni pizza

First up I cooked the Mexican Tofu, Refried Beans & Lime Rice. I’ve never actually had Tofu before so this was a first for me, I really like to each week try and find something I wouldn’t normally go for to try and discover new foods.


Now I know this doesn’t look the most appealing on the plate, a pile of mush, some charred looking veg, plainish rice and some blocks of jenga and I have to admit it wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever eaten either. The tofu to me tasted of nothing despite the ‘mexican paste’ that it was cooked in, the most tasty part of this was definitely the refried beans that had some wonderful flavour. Probably wouldn’t order this one again but would definitely steal the refried beans part to throw with something else; maybe swap the Tofu for some meat.

Next up was the Easy Bacon & Mushroom Risotto, this is something I’ve actually ordered before and despite mushrooms being a food that is up there as something I cannot stand, I really enjoyed this! 


Because of my hatred towards mushrooms (purely texture rather than taste) I chop them up really small so I’m not just eating a mouthful of mushroom. The recipe for this uses bacon lardons and the first time I made it, this was fine but this time round the lardons seemed SOOO fatty and that is just not my style. I would definitely cook this again but swap out the lardons for pancetta.

I then cooked the Pulled Hoisin Chicken & Sesame Noodles and this is something that is right up my street. Chinese, Japanese & Thai are my favourite cuisines at the moment, I just can’t get enough.


This recipe has toasted sesame oil in and I actually found it a little too over powering in this recipe but I did enjoy this and would definitely order again if I see it on the menu.

And my final recipe to cook was the Spicy Nduja and Pepperoni pizza, I actually feel like I’ve over done it on the pizza recently and wasn’t really looking forward to this but my god I didn’t realise how much of a treat I was in for.


I don’t know what it is about decorating your own pizza is just actually quite fun. I’m sure someone who works in a pizza shop may disagree but it feels like quite a treat dinner.


If you like spice then I highly recommend this! It was to die for. A little on the greasy side but it is a pizza after all! So simple with very few ingredients and so god damn tasty!

A mix of opinions on this weeks recipes but overall I’d say it was quite a success, looking forward to receiving next weeks box to try some more new things! Keep your eyes peeled for what I have ordered and cooked!

Love Jess x

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