Gousto – W/C 24th June 2019

So I’ve decided I’m going to make a series out of my Gousto boxes each week. I think everyone I work with is sick of me raving about it now so at least I can write about it here and those who want to read can do.

So this week I have ordered the following four recipes:

  • Fragrant Chicken Saag Masala & Pilau Rice
  • Chicken Tinga Tacos with Lime Mayo
  • Chorizo & Lemon Linguine With Salad
  • 10-Min Herby Beef Bolognese with Gnocchi

First up I cooked the Chicken Saag Masala & Pilau Rice. When it comes to curry’s I don’t tend to cook these much at home purely because I think they just never take like when you go to an Indian restaurant, like not even close! However, this was lush. Really tasty and something I will definitely be making again at home. I have to say the homemade Pilau rice didn’t taste very flavourful and I would probably just buy one of those Tilda/Uncle Ben’s packet rices rather than cook that from scratch.

Next up was the Chicken Tinga Tacos with Lime Mayo. I am a BIG Mexican fan and very looking forward to this and I have to say, I was not disappointed. You end up with three tacos each when split between two and it’s the perfect amount of food (well for me, the other half would probably disagree). There was the perfect amount of meat to make these, the only down side is they are VERY messy to eat, but I can deal with that when it comes to tasty food,

What I love about Gousto is they have different types of meals such as ‘Takeaway Night’ or ‘Everyday favourites’. They also have a ’10-Min Meals’ one and this is perfect when you know you might need to make a quick dinner one night. I opted for the 10-Min Herby Beef Bolognese with Gnocchi for a quick dinner one night, this was such a simple recipe but packed with flavour. This really was so quick to make and doesn’t use many ingredients but yet it was so tasty. This is perfect when you don’t have food in and need to run to the shop but don’t want to have to buy shed loads of ingredients.

Finally, I cooked the Chorizo & Lemon Linguine With Salad which I have to say was not something I enjoyed. I know the name of it has Lemon in the title but it was way too lemony for my liking. I don’t mind lemon but this was all it tasted of and it wasn’t very saucy which is how I like my pasta so overall a bit of a flop for me. My boyfriend did really enjoy this one so maybe it’s just me and my taste buds being miserable.

I’d say overall that this weeks box was a success. I would make each recipe again with only minor adjustments to make it more for me. I’ve already bought, ordered, received and ate my box for the following week so keep your eyes peeled for that blog post coming soon!

Love Jess x

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