Santorini: What/Where to Eat in Perivolos

One of my favourite things about going on holiday is the food. Never mind going on holiday, food is just one of my favourite things in life.

I stayed on the South side of the island in Perivolos which is about a half an hour walk from Perissa. While there are hundreds of restaurants on the whole island, the majority I visited were around this region and not in Oia or Fira which is where the majority of tourists will visit.

We stayed in a B&B which meant we had breakfast every day in our hotel; they provided the standard hot foods such as sausages, bacon & eggs and had a wide variety of pastries each day to choose from.

We varied our days between pools days and beach days, if we had a pool day then we would just grab lunch at our hotel rather than venturing out to the beach. I would say that pretty much all menu’s at any venues had the same things on offer but they all did their own take so over all was a very hit and miss experience.

So the first day we just had a pool day and grabbed lunch at the hotel. I opted for a greek dish called Spetsofai which is essentially sausages in a spicy tomato sauce with peppers while my boyfriend went for the Moussaka. I really enjoyed this but it’s definitely a dish that each restaurant does differently as I had it again somewhere else and it was completely different!

When I was younger I was not an adventurous eater and would spend the whole holiday eating spaghetti bolognese. So now, I make a conscious effort to try and eat as much of the local cuisine as possible. Another traditional greek dish is Souvlaki, this is basically just a kebab with meat of your choice. So one day when we ate at the pool again I went for a Chicken Souvlaki and it was really not good. I mean there isn’t really much to go wrong with a chicken kebab but the quality of the meat was terrible. However, don’t let me one bad experience of a dish put you off it as every restaurant does their own take and it could be the best chicken kebab you ever have.

One of the other meals I ordered regularly for lunch at the hotel was the chicken caeser salad. If there is one thing the Greek’s seem to do well, it’s a salad. I would of gone for a traditional Greek salad but they seem to insist on putting Capers into everything and that’s just something that is not for me.


Every evening we ate out, the majority of the time we opted for places in Perivolos as this was closest to us but we did also venture into Perissa and Oia. Now I’m not sure what the prime time for people to eat their dinner is here, we headed out around 8/9 o’clock most evenings and the majority of restaurants had very little to no people in at all which I could not get my head around. I guess it’s not a busy part of the island.

However, we ate at the following restaurants along the strip from Perivolos to Perissa:

  • Coralli Meet Me
  • Terra Nera
  • Afros
  • Chilli
  • Kouzina
  • Noma
  • Apollon

All of which had amazing food and I would recommend to visit any of them. My go to starter pretty much every night was Saganaki. This is just fried cheese and each restaurant did it SO differently but each one was sooo good!

Another dish I order for a few times was a pasta dish (not very greek I know) but it’s just so good and a LOT of the menu’s are full of seafood which my taste buds are still adapting to. This was a chicken pasta dish and is extremely similar to the dish I make myself which the recipe can be found here

For those who have a sweet tooth, Terra Nera do a waffles menu and it’s one of them things that sound like a good idea at the time until it arrives. You get 12 mini waffles covered in a topping of your choice, I chose the Kinder Bueno while my boyfriend went for the Twix. I don’t have a huge sweet tooth and would normally pick a starter over a main so it was far too much for me but to share would be perfect!


If you like seafood then you are in for a real treat I think as there is so much choice on the menu’s in all the restaurants. Even without a love for seafood I didn’t struggle to find anything and I really recommend trying out the Spetsofai, Moussaka, Souvlaki, Saganaki and also fried Feta in Honey. 

I’m curious to know what other people think of the food in Santorini and if you found a go to dish?

Love Jess x


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