Get Fit With Me: Pamela Reif: 10 Mins Six Pack Abs

Just like the majority of the population, getting fit is one of my goals for 2020. I say this EVERY year and it doesn’t take me long at all to fall off the band wagon. So yes, if you were wondering, I am one of those ‘joins the gym in January and annoy all the regulars’ but I quite frankly don’t care. We’re all just as entitled to join a gym no matter what month so get yourself a membership and get a routine going!

However, if you find going to the gym quite an effort or simply unaffordable then there are plenty of other options, you can go for a run around you local area, or you can follow a home work out.

One home work out I’ve been following for the last two weeks is Pamela Reif’s 10 Min Six Pack Abs home workout which is on her YouTube channel. What’s great about this home work out is there is no equipment required and also no jumping around so it’s the IDEAL workout to do at home. I wanted to choose a workout that I could repeat to see just how much of a difference I felt from beginning to end and as this is just 10 minutes a day it’s perfect.

You do each movement for 30 seconds before moving straight into the next one and the steps are as follows:

  • Leg Lift Circles
  • Reverse Crunch Variation
  • Left Lift with Criss Cross Movement
  • Cross Crunch with Leg Lift
  • Russian Twist
  • Leg Lift
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Toe Taps
  • Reverse Crunch Variation
  • Roll Ins
  • Bicycle Crunch
  • Side Plank pull Left
  • Side Plank Reach Through Left
  • Side Plank Left
  • Side Plank pull Right
  • Side Plank Reach Through Right
  • Side Plank Right
  • Plank
  • Plank Back & Forth
  • Cross – Spider Plank

While I wanted to do this daily I ended up doing much more of day on, day off kind of routine and my results were as follows:

Day 1: I got to the Russian Twists where I had to pause for a breather, really had to fight through the pain. Then starter again, got to Flutter Kicks and felt like I was going to die, had to keep resting throughout the 30 seconds of these. Had to have another breather after the reverse crunch variation (2nd time not first) and totally and miserably failed at any form of plank.

Day 2: Rest day – EVERYTHING HURTS.

Day 3: Managed to push through to the Flutter Kicks before pausing. Still a complete hot mess when it comes to side planks. Can do a normal plank but the rocking back and forth was too much.

Day 4: Rest day – My body wasn’t hurting as much compare to how it felt on Day 2’s rest day.

Day 5: Still struggling at the Flutter Kicks – they are an absolute killer. Struggling with my balance on the pulsing side planks; I feel you need a bit of upper arm strength for these which is something I do not have. The normal side planks I did OK at this time. The rocking back and forth plank was again a no go but I am definitely feeling a little stronger.

Day 6: Rest day.

Day 7: The flutter kicks once again defeated me, HOWEVER, I didn’t need to pause for AS long before getting back into it and managed to then complete the toe taps without too much of a struggle either. The whole planking thing seems to be getting… dare I say… easier? I feel stronger planking on the left side than I do on the right.

Day 8: No rest for the wicked here, straight back into it and I SURVIVED THE FLUTTER KICKS. Really struggled on the toe taps though. Today was not a good day for the planks, my balance seemed to be all over.

Day 9: Rest day.

Day 10: Made it all the way to the Toe Taps before resting. Flutter Kicks who? Don’t get me wrong, I still struggled but I felt I could actually push through the pain. Then from my rest at the Toe Taps, I got back up and going and continued without stopping to the end of the bicycle crunch. Leaving me with the dreaded planks and a lot of falling over. I had a quick rest after the normal plank and then finished the rest of the workout.

Day 11: Rest day.

Day 12: Pretty much the same as day 10. I was a little better with the planks but still nowhere near being able to do these without resting. After this one I actually felt like picking another workout to do and trying to start that. (I didn’t though).

Day 13: Rest day,

Day 14: The final day. So I actually attempted this one while at the gym. I’d just completed a 3k run after not running for a while and my body was exhausted. I had to pause CONSTANTLY and even skipped a few workouts because I couldn’t get my balance and was making a complete fool out of myself in front of people. I don’t recommend trying after a run.

It’s a shame about the last day as I was really getting there and improving each time. I actually enjoy this work out though and the ten minutes genuinely goes quite quick. Writing it all down and seeing how far I’ve come just shows that consistency is key. I am going to continue this workout as part of my daily routine until I can complete it start to finish without pausing, even if that takes me the whole year; I’m sticking with it!

One of the main areas I want to focus on is my legs so I’m going to try and repeat this with a leg workout and see how far I get with that one.

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