My ‘Simple’ Skincare Routine

I’ve always hated skin care. I have spent FAR too much of my hard earned salary on make up over the years, I’ve got countless lipsticks that barely vary in shades and more dried out mascaras than I care to admit. So far this year I’ve bought one make up product and that was an eyebrow pen as my last one ran out. I very rarely wear make up anymore since coming back from my holiday in Santorini and sp my naked skin is now my everyday face. With this I’ve realised the importance of skin care.

But where on earth do you begin? Make up is easy, you have the basic products and you buy them in the shades and colours that match your skin and personal preference. But skin care… what does it all mean?! What is the difference between all these different moisturisers? Do I really need anti-ageing moisturiser at 24 or do I need to start this now to help me out in the future? Is it really any different from those super hydrating moisturisers? Shouldn’t all moisturisers be hydrating anyway, isn’t that the point?

Well for anyone who has ever purchased those beauty box subscriptions like I use to, you will no doubt have received endless amounts of moisturisers so I have plenty to play around with. I have NO idea what I’m doing but all I can do is try them out and see how my skin reacts. I’m going for the end goal here, I’d like soft skin, that isn’t dry or peeling and isn’t too oily either. I can at least work out if a moisturiser is working out for me from that. Skin care doesn’t just start and stop at moisturising though, you need to exfoliate and hydrate and keep clean.

I’ve rooted through my skin care drawer (yes there are a lot of unused products that I am going to work my way through). I’ve started off with my ‘Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel’ and this in itself is enough for me. I have an exfoliating brush, it’s not one of those electronic ones but it seems to do the job. The bristles are so soft to touch and don’t feel too harsh on my face but still exfoliate. I wet the brush and place a nice large blob of the facial wash gel onto the bristles. I rub this around in circular motions on my face all over, concentrating on the sides of my nose and also my T-zone where I find my skin is driest. I then soak a flannel in warm water and wash the face wash off. Instantly I can feel the difference, my skin feels instantly softer and more hydrated.

Next I use ‘Boots Tea Tree & With Hazel Cleansing & Toner Lotion’. Now if you’re like me and don’t really understand the need for toner or see the results of what it does. It’s to cleanse the skin. Even if like me you don’t wear make up regularly and don’t believe you skin to be that dirty, if you sat and counted how many times you touched your face during the day, I think you’d be amazed! Not only that but it restores the pH balance of your skin, after using a facial wash which is mostly alkaline and our skin being mostly acidic, it can knock it off balance and a toner helps restore this quickly. It isn’t necessarily needed but after using face wash it restores your skin back to a more natural state. All I do for this is squirt some onto a cotton wool pad and gently wipe the cotton wool pad all around my face.

The next step is to then moisturise but I’m still working on a moisturiser that works for me, it’s my homework at the moment so I’ll be sure to update you once I find one that is worth blogging about!

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